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Meet Fun Guy!

Meet Snapple’s Fun Guy

Fun Guy grew up in the delicious little town of Fruitsville, NY (it’s so small it’s not on the map). After graduating from FUN University, he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do next. During one of his contemplative walks, he popped into a bodega and bought himself a Snapple. With the first sip he was overwhelmed by its fruity deliciousness and knew he had to dedicate his life to bringing the flavor and fun of Snapple to everyone who needs it.

Meet the Fruit Buddies!

Meet Snapple’s Fruit Buddies

Ever since falling from their trees, bushes, or vines, The Fruit Buddies have been inseparable. They met Fun Guy in college while obtaining their PhDs in culinary psychology. Whether they’re juicing, learning new interesting, fun facts to tell strangers, or taking long walks through someone’s garden, they’re always looking for new ways to squeeze the most out of life.