Straight Up Tea

Made with all-natural ingredients and no artificial anything, count on Straight Up Tea to deliver true tea taste. With three levels of sweetness, plus black, green, and rooibos tea varieties, there’s a Straight Up Tea for you.

Snapple Straight Up Tea Sorta Sweet Iced Tea

Sorta Sweet


With a hint of real sugar and that fresh-brewed black tea taste, Sorta Sweet is for anyone who’s ever mixed sweet and unsweetened teas to make their own sweet spot.

Snapple Straight Up Tea Sweet Iced Tea



Can a sweet tea also be straight up? We think so. With the great taste of fresh-brewed black tea and real sugar, there’s nothing fake about this sweet tea.

Snapple Straight Up Tea Unsweetened Iced Tea



With the delicious, all-natural taste of fresh-brewed black tea, it doesn’t get any more straight up than this.

Snapple Straight Up Tea Caffeine-Free Rooibos Iced Tea



This caffeine-free tea is an aromatic blend from the South African redbush plant. With a touch of real sugar, Sorta Sweet Rooibos Tea is straight up unique.

Snapple Straight Up Tea Honey Green Iced Tea

Honey Green


Green tea leaves are sweetened with a touch of real honey for a Sorta Sweet Green Tea taste that’s straight up delightful.