Frequently Asked Questions

How many Snapple flavors are there?

There are 35 Snapple flavors, and we're always looking for fun new flavors to add to our lineup.

When was Snapple created?

Snapple was founded in 1972 by Leonard Marsh, Hyman Golden, and Arnold Greenberg in the Brooklyn area of New York.

How is Snapple made?

While our bottling and manufacturing process is proprietary, you can be assured that our tea and juice drinks are Made from the Best Stuff on Earth.

Where is Snapple made?

Production facilities across the country specialize in certain flavors. This is why some flavors are regional and accessible only in specific parts of the country.

Who owns Snapple?

Snapple is owned by a subsidiary of Keurig Dr Pepper, Inc.

Where can I watch the Snapple commercial I saw on TV?

Go to to see our latest videos.

Why do Snapple bottle caps pop?

The pop heard when you twist open the cap indicates the seal being broken. Each bottle of Snapple has an airtight seal to preserve the freshness of the product.

Why did Snapple switch to plastic bottles?

It’s lighter, virtually unbreakable, and resealable, making it more convenient for our consumers to enjoy Snapple on the go – and easier for distributors and retailers to handle.

Are Snapple bottles recyclable?

Snapple plastic bottles are made from a non-BPA (bisphenol A) material and are 100 percent recyclable, just like our glass ones. We encourage all our fans to recycle our bottles whether they’re glass or plastic. Check with your local recycling program if you’re interested in where to drop off your Snapple recyclable bottles.

Are Snapple Real Facts true?

We call them Real Facts because they are just that: real facts. We check the validity of our Real Facts before we put them into circulation – but if you find a fact that may be inaccurate, please let us know. We will have our fact-checking team look into any discrepancies.

Why are some numbers missing in the list of Snapple Real Facts?

Sometimes new information may be discovered that disproves one of our Real Facts, or a Real Fact may become outdated over time. When this happens, the only responsible thing to do is to retire that fact.

How does Snapple come up with Real Facts?

Every year, a team meets and brings new facts to be considered for adding to our growing list of Real Facts. From this list, the facts that are agreed-on are researched and approved to be on the official Real Facts list.

Does Snapple contain caffeine?

Yes, caffeine is naturally found in tea, and actual amounts may vary for each flavor of Snapple tea. We currently do not offer a decaffeinated variety of any Snapple tea. However, all our juice drinks are caffeine-free.

Why is there aspartame in Diet Snapple?

We use aspartame as a sugar substitute for some of our diet drinks. One of the most studied products in the history of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), aspartame has been found to be safe through detailed FDA analysis and more than 200 scientific studies. Our company continues to work with affiliated industry associations to ensure that all our products meet or exceed FDA-accepted safety standards.

What are “natural flavors”?

They are naturally occurring flavors from substances such as spices, fruits, vegetables, yeasts, herbs, barks, buds, roots, leaves, similar plant materials, or other suitable materials whose significant function in food is flavoring.

What is citric acid?

Citric acid, a food ingredient derived from starch, is widely used to add tart taste to foods and beverages and to adjust the acidity in beverages. It is present in citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons and in certain other fruits.

Is Snapple kosher?

Most of our Snapple flavors are either kosher or kosher-DE (dairy equipment). You can easily check whether your favorite flavor is certified kosher by looking for the kosher symbol on the label.

How many calories and grams of sugar are in my favorite Snapple product?

Click your favorite Snapple product below to see the calories and grams of sugar content.

Where can I buy a specific Snapple flavor?

If you call us at 1-800-790-4754 and provide our team with your ZIP code, they can give you a list of stores near you that sell the flavor you’re looking for.

Where can I find coupons for Snapple?

From time to time, coupons are made available in local newspapers, in magazines, and through in-store displays. Coupons also are sometimes issued through random mailings or printed on the product package.

Where can I buy Snapple Singles to Go or Snapple Sorbet Bars?

Snapple Singles to Go and Snapple Sorbet Bars are made by a company called Jel Sert under license from Snapple. If you have questions about Snapple Singles to Go, including where to buy them, feel free to let our licensee Jel Sert know by using to get your comments directly to them.

Where can I buy flavors like Snapple Elements, Snapple Tru Root Beer, or Snapple Apple Pie?

Occasionally, certain Snapple flavors are discontinued or are only sold as limited-time offers. But if you want to see a flavor stick around or make a return, keep showing your love – input from consumers like you does influence our decisions.